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Regenerating Life: An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health

An Earthling's Guide to Planetary Health
Regenerating Life: An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health

by John Feldman

Regenerating Life: An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health finds that, contrary to accepted wisdom, the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is not the singular cause of global warming. It is just one small part — a symptom really — of a pervasive planetary illness.

The Earth has an amazing system that regulates the climate and sustains us: the system of Life.

But for centuries in our quest for wealth and dominion we have been destroying this system — destroying the soil, forests, wetlands, oceans, and the biodiversity they embody. We have been relentlessly exploiting the land and the people. This is the cause of the climate crisis.

It is urgent that we expand our focus beyond carbon emissions.

As we take a systemic approach to planetary health and reexamine the basics of climate science, all manner of solutions present themselves. A growing movement of farmers, activists, scientists, and concerned citizens are working to repair the environmental and social devastation we have caused. These are the people we talk to in this film. They are regenerating life, protecting forests, and growing healthy food to sustain healthy communities.

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John Feldman is a highly original and critically acclaimed filmmaker. His career spans over 40 years and covers a wide range of genres, from independent dramatic feature films and documentaries, to experimental, educational, and business films. His films have won numerous international awards. Feldman’s most recent film, Symbiotic Earth (2018), a documentary about the maverick scientist Lynn Margulis, combines his lifelong passions for filmmaking and the natural sciences. John has a BA in biology from the University of Chicago, an MFA from Temple University, and is a passionate naturalist. Based in the mountains of New York State, John Feldman is married to Sheila Silver, a composer of contemporary concert music and Professor Emeritus of Music at Stony Brook University.