Perceiving Gaian Systems

March 28, 2019

San Francisco

On March 28th, 2019, we hosted an initial gathering of our experimental planetary cognition lab, exploring novel ways of perceiving and revealing humanity’s entanglements with Gaian systems.

We began the process of prototyping narratives, artworks, and media designed to cultivate intuitions about the complex dynamics of Earth's autopoietic systems.

Why? For over half a century, NASA, SETI, and other space programs and organizations have gone to great lengths to find extraterrestrial life and intelligence - only to discover that so far Earth appears to be cosmically unique - a self-regulating supraorganism. It turns out that life itself creates the conditions for life.

The implications of these discoveries are profound - yet still largely invisible and often hard to grasp. There’s an urgent need to understand and fall in with life’s regenerative cycles across local and global scales.

We’re now working with a small group of polymathic provocateurs to extend this inquiry through Reworlding: The Art of Living Systems.

Our shared interest is in activating the paradigm shift from mechanistic to living-systems worldviews by cultivating collaborations and investigating the production of epiphanic enchantments centered on expanding human cognition of our home planet.

We spent the morning learning about key concepts from Gaia theory, particularly how they relate to planetary cognition. We then collectively explored ways to generate and instrumentalize deep content for experiential programs that can make salutary interventions into planetary communications.

Media and output from the lab will be posted soon. If you're interested in participating in future events, please contact us.